Al Jolson

Al Jolson(欧美男歌手)

April Showers《BEST OF Al Jolson》
April Showers《Get Me to the Church on Time》
Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Anniversary Waltz《BEST OF Al Jolson》
I Love To Singha《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Are You Lonesome Tonight《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Angel Child《The Best Songs of 20s》
Who Wants A Bad Little Boy《Hello Tucky》
Red Red Robin《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Sonny Boy《BEST OF Al Jolson》
One Sweet Kiss《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Say It Isn't So《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Quarter To Nine, (About a)《BEST OF Al Jolson》
That Wonderful Kid From Madrid《Hello Tucky》
Hello Tucky《Hello Tucky》
Who Played Poker With Pocahontas《Hello Tucky》
Swannie《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Rockabye Your Baby《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Pasadena《BEST OF Al Jolson》
By Light Of The Silvery Moon《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Let Me Sing and I'm Happy《The Best of the 1930s》
Peg Of My Heart《BEST OF Al Jolson》
That Haunting Melody《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Sweet Sixteen《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Real Piano Player《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Rock a Bye Your Baby《Chart Busters Hits. Early and rare》
The Old Piano Roll Blues《Guys And Dolls》
Brother Can You Spare A Dime《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Sonny Boy《Those Were the Days (Stars and Hits of the Thirties), Vol. 1》
Trouble S A Bubble《Hello Tucky》
Tell That To The Marines《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Sumertime《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Pretty Baby《BEST OF Al Jolson》
In Our House《Behind The Smile》
Steppin' Out《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Sunny Boy《Film-Hits von vorgestern》
Anniversary Song《Bless You for Being an Angel》
California Here I Come《BEST OF Al Jolson》
On The Road To Calais《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Sonny Boy《Let's Spend an Evening with Al Jolson》
Alexander's Rag Time Band《Wine & Jazz, Vol. 1》
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody《Let's Spend an Evening with Al Jolson》
Ma Blushin' Rosie《Let's Spend an Evening with Al Jolson》
When The Red Red Robin (Comes Bob Bob Bobbin Alo)《Charlsten 20s Hits》
Revival Day《BEST OF Al Jolson》
Rum Tum Tiddle《BEST OF Al Jolson》
The Old Piano Roll Blues《Jazz World Vol. 11》
California, Here I Come《Let's Spend an Evening with Al Jolson》
A Broken Doll《Hello Tucky》

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